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Getting started with your course design

  1. Choose your modality. You’ve chosen to design your course as a online or blended course.
  1. Apply evidence-based pedagogical principles. The following resources are available to assist you:

  1. Consider what Equity, Diversity and Inclusion means in your course design.
    • Use the principles of Universal Instructional Design as a basis.
    • Support International students through deliberate design
    • Support 2LGBTQ+ students through deliberate design

  1. Explore Indigenous ways of knowing and identify how you can integrate these in both your course design and pedagogical approach.
  1. Decide how you will ensure Academic Integrity in your course design.
  1. Technology
    • Digital pedagogy asks you to consider whether technology should be part of your course design
    • Select learning technologies will enable you to integrate technology into your course design.
    • Refer to the Teaching Technology section for information about UM supported teaching technologies, related workshop listings, and one-on-one technology consultations.

  1. Consider adding digital media.
    • Digital media can enhance your course by displaying complicated data, difficult concepts, and enhance student engagement with interactive elements. Consult with a Media Developer to understand the available options.
    • Video and media resources?
  1. These ready-to-use to use tools have been designed to support your course design:

For all one-on-one support with new course design or simply to get feedback on your current course design, book a consultation with our course design experts.

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