We provide supports for course development, including design and build, assistance with the curriculum review process, and accreditation report completion.

Course Development

Choose your modality. Are you going to teach this course in a face-to-face, blended or online modality? If you are undecided which is the best option for design and delivery, request an appointment with one of our course development experts. Otherwise, select you pathway to Face-to-Face, or Online and Blended development.

Face-to-FaceOnline or Blended
Visit the Face-to-Face development page for guided support on developing your face-to-face course.Visit the Flexible Learning development page for guided support on developing your online or blended course.
Request an appointment with an Educational Developer for a one-on-one consultation.Schedule an appointment with an Instructional Designer for one-on-one consultation.

Curriculum Review, Development and Accreditation Support

The Centre’s curriculum specialists can provide support and guidance in a faculty-driven, collaborative, and evidence-based curriculum review and renewal process.

We provide consults on a variety of topics and at every stage of the planning:

  • Initial stages of program planning
  • Creating program goals and outcomes
  • Curriculum alignment
  • Collecting curriculum data
    • Mapping the curriculum
    • Planning a curriculum retreat.
    • Assistance with Program Accreditation documents and reports

For further information, please contact the Centre.

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