Experienced teams from The Centre and IST Service Desk have been assigned to support students and instructors during the university’s final online exam periods.

This includes:

  • Support for every faculty and college during their final exam period.
  • Support during weekends – Saturday and Sunday.

Contact Us information

  • If your exam is in progress and you need immediate support, call 204-474-8600 or North America toll free 1-844-626-1756 and press “5” for fast service where our UM Learn experts will be available to provide immediate service and a quick resolution to your inquiry.
  • DO NOT send e-mails as the response time will be slower, while staff are monitoring the telephone lines.

Students will be provided with the same support contact information, should they experience a problem during an exam/test/quiz. Exam preparation for students will be posted at: https://umanitoba.ca/coronavirus/students. All instructors are required to monitor email and keep their phones nearby in case students have issues during the exams. If the student request is technical, please ask them to contact the IST Service Desk at the number provided above.

When will UM Learn Support contact the Instructor?

Instructors (or Dean designated Faculty Representative) will be contacted by telephone, by the UM Learn Support team, if the following issues arise:

  1. A student claims that they have a student accessibility accommodation of extended time that has not been provided.
    (Note: If the instructor does not answer the call or no contact has been provided, no further action will be taken by IST or UM Learn Support to grant additional time.)
  2. Students report that their exam is not available, and the support team determines that the exam has not been configured correctly (i.e. start date and time are incorrect).
    (Note: If the instructor does not answer the call or no contact has been provided, IST or UM Learn Support will verify that the exam was scheduled for this time and open the exam for students.)
  3. Students report that the exam is missing all or some questions.
    (Note: If the instructor does not answer the call or no contact has been provided, UM Learn Support will post an announcement within the UM Learn course to communicate to students that there is an issue with this exam. No further action will be taken by UM Learn Support.)

Students will be advised by the support team to contact their instructor/faculty/department should the following arise:

Student experiencing issues with Crowdmark.Student advised to contact the instructor or faculty/department directly.
Extended technical issues and student has requested a deferred examination date.Student advised to contact the faculty/department directly.
Request to recover deleted exam (may include quiz or assignment.)Must be initiated by the Instructor to Service Desk. Vendor needs to be involved.
Student missed a question on exam.Student advised to contact the Instructor or faculty/department directly.
Student exceeded time; request for additional time or to submit.Student advised to contact the Instructor or faculty/department directly. Permission to re-enter will not be granted.

Protocol for common issues

The following table outlines the exam Support Team protocol for the most common issues reported from the Spring term.

Exam IssueSupport Protocol
Student enters the exam more than 30 minutes late and cannot get the exam to work.Student will not be provided access and told they need to contact their instructor.
Student not able to launch exam.Student will be provided access if they are enrolled in the course.
Exam ended too early, where student could not proceed.Support staff will verify the exam settings (Instructor notified if it’s a configuration issue).
Student not able to restart exam after interruption.If there is time remaining and they have not submitted, student will be allowed to re-enter the exam.
Student has a LockDown browser issue.Support will assist the student to re-enter the exam with the proviso that their hardware meets the requirements. Students should reach out to instructor regarding lost exam time.
Student has browser/internet issue/exam froze.Support will assist the student to re-enter the exam. Student should reach out to instructor regarding lost exam time.
Student submitted exam too early by mistake.Instructor needs to add a second attempt.
Student logged out of exam by mistake.If there is time remaining, student will be instructed to log back in to UM Learn and continue exam.
Student not sure if exam was submitted correctly.Support will assist the student to click on the exam attempt and verify.
Student not able to upload or view images, video, assignments or access media playlist.Support will assist.
Student has to contact Support and loses time on their exam.Student advised to contact the instructor. Support will not extend exam time.

Exam Preparation

Preparing in advance for upcoming exams, tests and quizzes is essential so that students are equipped and more at ease when it comes time to write. Resources to help you prepare can be found at:

UM Learn’s Quiz tool can be used for your exams. The information below highlights some considerations when configuring your exam, some of the common issues and our recommendations to resolve these issues. Note: The term “quiz” refers to quizzes, tests, or exams that use UM Learn’s Quiz tool.

Quizzes: Restrictions Tab

When configuring your UM Learn exam, you will need to specify availability (start and end dates) and timing (duration) under the Restrictions tab of Quiz Settings.

Figure 1: Quiz Availability (start and end times)
Figure 2: Quiz Duration (enforced time limit)
  • Availability – The Start and End Date/Time indicates the window of time in which a student can begin taking the exam. For example, in Figure 1 (above), students can start anytime between 9:00 and 10:00 AM.
  • Timing – The Enforced Time Limit indicates how much time the student will have to write the exam.  For example, in Figure 2 (above), students would have 60 minutes to write the exam as long as they begin the exam before 10:00 AM.
  • Grace Period – The Grace Period is additional time added to the exam’s duration – students can submit their exam without penalty during this grace period. In Figure 2 (above), students have been given a 2-minute Grace Period.
  • Configuring Exceeded Time Limit Behaviour will determine what happens if the student exceeds the duration and the Grace Period.
  • Recommendation: Enable Prevent the student from making further changes for the exams that have a strict time limit.  Students can only submit their exam after exceeding the duration and Grace Period.
  • Special Access – For students who require extra time, additional attempts, and/or an entirely different start/end time to the exam, use Special Access.

Figure 3: Special Access

To add a student, select Add Users to Special Access, search for and select the student then return to the top of the page to modify the settings for that student. See Figure 3 (above). Click Save.

Update UM Learn Course Announcements

Provide sufficient exam details to students through the use of UM Learn’s course “Announcement”. Our technical support team will reference these instructions should a student issue arise.

Sample – Update your UM Learn course “Announcement” with exam details such as these:

Students, as a reminder, the final exam is Monday, June 6 from 9:00am to 12pm (3hrs).

At 9:00am, the exam will become available through UM Learn. The exam will remain open for the first 30 minutes only. If you do not start the exam during that time, you will not be allowed to take the exam. Additionally, the due date for the exam is at 12:00pm with a 5-minute grace period. If you submit after 12:05pm, you will score 0. Please note that students with official pre-arranged accessibility requirements from SAS will be granted their additional time.

Exam information:

• The exam will be multiple choice/open answer and will consist of 80 questions.
• The exam will be marked out of 80.
• For the questions requiring calculations, pay attention to the correct number of significant figures and units.
• Please note: You WILL be able to go backwards and forwards through the exam pages.
• Be careful when submitting answers. On each page of the exam there will be a button: Next Page and one that indicates: Submit quiz. DO NOT PRESS SUBMIT QUIZ UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR EXAM.
• If you have an interruption, such as a computer malfunction or internet connectivity loss and cannot re-enter the exam, call the IST Service Desk at 204-474-8600, or North America toll-free 1-844-626-1756, and follow the prompts for immediate telephone support.
• During the exam you can contact your section instructor to ask questions at (xxx.xxx@umanitoba.ca)

Common Issues & Recommendations

Please note, in this section the term “quiz” refers to all quizzes, tests, or exams that use UM Learn’s Quiz tool.

If you would like all students to start the exam at the same time, you can shorten the start and end date window (30-minutes) but may run the risk of students not being able to return to the exam (if it is no longer available).

Alternatively, if the start and end date window is longer (3 hours), students can start late and finish well after the end date (a student will still receive the full duration regardless of when they start the exam).

Recommendation: Availability = Duration

Set the availability window equal to the duration (Time Limit) of the quiz and ask the students explicitly to start the quiz at the appointed time.

You can verify each student’s start time by checking for attempts in progress:

  • Click the drop-down arrow beside the Exam name in UM Learn and select Grade.
  • Click Show Search Options beside the search box and select Users with attempt in progress (or Users who have not taken an attempt).
  • Click the magnifying glass in the search box.
  • View the list of students who started (or have not yet started) the exam. You may need to change the number of students per page to be able to see all the students, or move to the next page.
  • Take action as desired based on your search results.

A student may lose access to the exam before their time is up for a number of reasons including temporary loss of internet connection, loss of battery power, etc. Under normal circumstances, the student can resume their exam by going back into the course exam and click Continue Quiz. If that does not work, it is likely that an exam setting is preventing them from continuing.

Recommendation: Set-up Special Access for the Student

The exam end date may have expired so the student will need special access to get back into it:

  • From the Quiz List, select the dropdown arrow next to the quiz and click Edit.
  • On the Restrictions tab scroll to the bottom and click Add Users to Special Access.
  • Search for the student and check the box beside their name.
  • Scroll up and adjust the End Time and possibly the Duration if they have lost significant time trying to fix this issue.
  • To change the duration, click Enforced time limit and adjust the new duration to include the original time plus the additional time you are adding. Keep in mind that the timer starts counting down when the student first opens the exam, so if they have had to wait a while, the new duration should account for that time.

Unfortunately, the Next Page button is close in proximity to the Submit Quiz button and occasionally students will accidentally click Submit Quiz without realizing what they are doing until it is too late.

Recommendation #1: Reset Quiz Attempt

If the student just started the exam and has not answered many questions, you can delete their attempt and suggest they start the exam again. To delete an attempt:

  • From the Quiz List, select the dropdown arrow next to the exam and click Grade.
  • From the Restrict to drop-down menu, select all users. Type the student’s name near the top of the page and then hit enter or click the magnifying glass.
  • Check the box next to the student’s name and click Reset. Confirm action. This will cause the student to lose their entire first attempt, so if they are more than a few questions into the exam, it might not be the best option (see recommendation #2).

Recommendation #2: New Attempt, Resume Where They Left Off

If the student answered more than a few questions, you would need to add special access for the student, giving them an extra attempt – you need to consider how much time the student has spent on the first attempt and use special access to add an additional attempt (with only the remaining time left on the exam). Instructor would need to calculate the total points scored and enter this manually into the Gradebook.

To set up a second attempt using Special Access, you will need to enter the Special Access area found on the Restrictions tab of Edit Quiz. Select Override Attempts Allowed, modify the start and end date/time to reflect the timeframe for Attempt #2. Adjust the Timing (duration) if applicable. If the time limit is the same as the first attempt, the instructor would select No Change and the student would have the full time to write the exam. But if the duration is reduced because the student has already been in the exam for a period of time, only the remaining time would be indicated in these special access parameters. Once that is all set up, you will need to select the student(s) it applies to.

If the exam has questions shuffled and/or has a question pool, it will be up to the instructor to determine how duplicate questions will be graded and/or where a student should begin writing.

To check on a student’s progress through an exam, you will need to select Assessments > Quizzes and then click the dropdown arrow next to the exam and select Grade. Click on the link for the attempt (e.g., attempt 1 for a particular student) and then click Quizzes Event Log to view.

Respondus Recommendations

If you are incorporating Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for your exam, you can review the following settings and recommendations.

  1. Ensure that you have indicated the use of Respondus Monitor along with minimum technology requirement (including webcam and reliable broadband connection) in the ROASS/Syllabi. It is recommended to explicitly indicate that Respondus does not support Chromebook computers.
  2. Set up a practice quiz prior to the real quiz, test or exam. It is recommended that the practice quiz has the same settings as the actual quiz. You can also refer students to self-register in the course Respondus Monitor Practice Quiz which contains a practice exam.
  3. Create and communicate a summary of step-by-step instructions based on the customized setting for the quiz.
  4. Important: If the quiz was copied (either from the previous course offering or from a previous quiz), you need to go to UM Learn Respondus dashboard, confirm the requirement and save the settings again.
  5. It is recommended to have a separate version of the quiz (without the Respondus requirement) as an alternative method of assessment.
  6. Update your UM Learn course “Announcement” if you are using LockDown Browser.


What if your UM Learn quiz is interrupted using LockDown Browser?

  • Don’t panic. UM Learn auto-saves after each time you answer a question.
  • If you got kicked out of the exam or your computer froze and you had to reboot, log back into UM Learn and follow the same steps to get back to the exam. This time, instead of a Start Quiz button, you should see the Continue Quiz. Click Continue Exam and get back into the exam.
  • If you are unable to get back to your exam, contact your instructor immediately and the Support Team.

Not Recommended:

  • Require a password to access the exam.
  • Lock the students into the browser until exam is completed.


  • Allow students to use iPad to take the exams. (Students need to download the application from Apple store and the instructor needs to check this option. Recommended for remote exams.)


  • Add access to links to external websites.
  • Add Calculator to the LockDown Browser toolbar.
  • Give permission to print within LockDown Browser.

Mandatory Settings:

  • Webcam check (recording 5 second video of the students).
  • Facial detection check (detecting the face of the student through webcam).

Optional Settings:

  • Additional instructions (general exam rules and instructions that can be customized by the instructor).
  • Guideline + tips (some tips and guidelines on where to take the exam with least interruptions).
  • Student photo (taking a personal photo of the student).
  • Show ID (taking a photo of student’s ID. The instruction for this option can be customized by the instructor). It is recommended to ask for minimum amount of information (If student does not have Student ID requiring alternative ID might expose extra personal information).
  • Environment check (recording a video while student showing their surroundings. The instruction can be customized for this option by the instructor). Please be mindful of the fact that some students might have a built-in webcam on their desktop computer (e.g., iMac) that might not be feasible to do the environment check.
  • Facial Detection Options such as preventing students from starting the exam if students face cannot be detected during the start-up sequence and/or notifying the students during the exam if their face cannot be detected and prompt to fix it.

Not Recommended:

  • Advanced Settings, such as allowing Respondus Monitor to use the computer’s microphone to record ambient sound during the exam. However, Monitor should not be used to record an audio response to an exam question. Only one application can access the microphone at a time. If your exam question has an audio response recorder built in (such as to allow a student to record an answer for a foreign language class), then faculty need to take advantage of an advanced setting in the LockDown Browser Dashboard. This setting is titled “Allow another application to use the microphone during this exam.”
  • Make webcam recording additionally for viewing on mobile devices (allow 24 hours for this option). Not recommended unless necessary.
  • Instructors will often create a demo student account for accessing a course as a student. Such an account can be used with Respondus Monitor without impacting the institution’s license seat count, or student purchase of an additional seat. Within the settings area for Respondus Monitor, select “Advanced Settings” and enter a username for the demo student. Note that the username for the demo student cannot be changed once used with a Respondus Monitor session. Not recommended unless necessary.

After approximately 12 hours, you can check the exam result including the webcam recordings of students specifically those who have been flagged for a potential academic misconduct. In order to access the recordings, follow these steps:

  • In your course, click Assessments > Quizzes.
  • Click on LockDown Browser tab on the Manage Quizzes page.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the quiz and select Class Results.
  • You can review the list of flagged cases with Review Priority.

Please review how to use the Class Results to check the flagged cases to identify academic misconduct.

Very important to note is that a flagged case does not necessarily indicate academic misconduct. Generally, false positives outweigh actual incidents of academic misconduct.

1. Support Documentation:

2. Ask an Expert Sessions

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