Preparation and Support for Final Exams

Exam Preparation

Consideration for alternate forms of assessments can be found here.

Online workshops for creating, editing, and managing Quizzes in UM Learn continue to be available here.

We do not recommend the use of third-party technologies for exam proctoring (such as Respondus Lockdown Browser or video conferencing applications including Webex, Zoom, etc.) due to a possible limitation of student internet bandwidth, complications for students’ meeting computer requirements and for increasing student anxiety.

Please be sure to review these important steps to ensure the best exam experience for students. If you require assistance, “Ask An Expert (Virtual only)” consultations are available for booking at

  1. Verify your UM Learn exam’s start and end dates are correct
    In your UM Learn quiz settings, select the ‘Restrictions’ tab:
  • Hide from Users is unchecked.
  • Start Date and End Date are set correctly and checked.
  • A quiz’s start and end dates will determine its availability to learners and when they can start a quiz attempt.

  1. Consideration for Students requesting accommodations – Settings
    In your UM Learn quiz settings, select the ‘Restrictions’ tab:
  • Locate the Special Access area at the bottom of the page.
  • Allow selected users special access to this quizshould be selected.
  • Select Add Users to Special Accessto set any revised accommodation parameters (start/end dates/times, timing, number of attempt.
  • Select the students to whom this special access applies.
  • Select Add Special Access to confirm changes.

  1. Configure the appropriate “View” that appears after a student “Submits” their exam
  • The “Submission View” is what the student sees after submitting their quiz attempt. The default setting does not show questions or answers, but does show their score (if the quiz is set to auto-grade).
  • In your UM Learn quiz settings, select the Submissions View tab.
  • Select Default View and, if you want, revise the message that students will receive (optional) and scroll down to the View Details section.
  • If you do not want students to see their score upon completion of the quiz UncheckShow attempt score and overall attempt score”.

  1. Preview your exam
    We highly recommend that instructors preview their exam to see how it will display for their students.
  • Select Assessments > Quizzes.
  • Select the drop-down arrow beside your exam title and select Preview.
  • Select Start Quiz to begin the preview.
  • When you are done, select Exit Preview to return to your course.

If you would like assistance from the UM Learn team to review and discuss your exam settings, Ask An Expert (Virtual only) consultations are available for booking at

Exam Support

Experienced teams from IST Service Desk and The Centre have been assigned to support students and instructors during the entire exam period, from Monday, April 13 to Saturday, April 25 (8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.).

If your exam is in progress and you need immediate support, call 204-474-8600 or North America toll free 1-844-626-1756 where our UM Learn experts will be available to provide immediate service and a quick resolution to your inquiry. DO NOT send e-mails as the response time will be slow, while staff are resourcing the telephone lines.

Students will also be provided with this same contact information, so that they know who to contact should they experience a problem during an exam. Exam preparation for students will be posted at

We recommend that during the time for your exam, you monitor your e-mail inbox. Students may contact you directly – if their request is a technical one, please ask them to contact the IST Service desk at the number provided above.

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