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Digital Media Specialists are experts at creating visual and auditory ways to present information. The Media Specialists at the Centre are ready to help you find creative ways to present  content in a modern and active way that will help increase student engagement.

Plain and simple

Are you an instructor, sessional, or professor delivering a course online at the University of Manitoba? Have you ever wondered, “What kind of learning experience does this course offer to my students?” Cultivating a sense of engagement and sustained motivation online is often difficult, and traditional delivery methods are often hard to replicate effectively in an online environment. So what can be done to promote a meaningful connection with the course materials for students?

Infographics fuse show with tell

Media Specialists at the Centre are experts at crafting exciting, accessible media solutions to present information in a variety of modalities. From ideas to storyboards to final product, we are ready to help.

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and users can retain up to three times the material when it is presented pictorially versus spoken or written information alone and for longer! 

Super amazing infographic.

Motion graphics create energy

Video elements can increase this retention even more.

Using different types of visual and audio elements, our professionals create high quality learning objects such as explainer videos, interactive infographics, podcasts, gamified scenarios, and self-assessments which encourage active learning and promote interest in the course material.

Ali’s mezmerizing motion graphic video.

Personalize online experience and delivery

Media Specialists at the Centre can also create a character specifically designed to your specifications.

Consistent and purposeful use of a personification throughout a course serves as a guide for learners and provides a sense of the instructors’ presence in the virtual delivery which can greatly enrich the course experience for the students.

Character design can also be used in gamification. Problems presented using gamification strategies are solved by users more quickly and efficiently (Educause Learning Initiative, 2014), and help build emotional connections with the subject matter. (Adobe MAX, 2020).

Animation of Joeffer’s awesome character.

Use podcasts to add meaning

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

We firmly believe that creativity and intelligence should not be exclusive.

Jazzy Frenchy from

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Book an online consultation today with one of our Media Specialists to find out what we can do to help you enhance your course, and cultivate an exceptional online learning experience, increasing engagement for both you and your students.

Pre-consultation assessment

Not sure where to begin? Our pre-consultation assessment quiz can assist you. This quiz provides media recommendations to suit the needs of your course, which can then be discussed through online consultation with one of our specialists.

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