Exemplars & Services

A team of Centre staff including Instructional Designers, Media Specialists, Copyright Coordinators, and Quality Assurance Coordinators support Instructors in the development of flexible (online and blended) courses. Some components our our course development support services include:

Creating a constructively aligned course blueprint

  • course goals and learning objectives
  • assessment strategy
  • learning activities

Identifying and creating critical media elements

  • video filming and editing
  • motion graphics
  • image creation and modification

Selecting and implementing supported technology

  • video conferencing
  • analytics
  • auto-graded assessments
  • academic integrity enhancements
  • and many other solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of you students

Guided course building within UM Learn

  • one-on-one sessions with an Instructional Designer to help you build your course
  • expert advice on configuration of your course

Course validation

  • clearance of content for copyright compliance
  • feedback on developed course with ROASS and Quality Matters checklists
  • documentation on how to teach the course going forward

Interested in building a flexible (online or blended) course? Complete our intake form to kick-start the process with a consultation about your course goals, and development needs.

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