Yunyi Chen

Educational Developer-Internationalization
Room 308, 65 Dafoe Road


Yunyi promotes internationalization and interculturalization in curriculum and co-curriculum programs at the U of M. Within this capacity, she developed a variety of evidence-based and pedagogically sound resources that pertain to incorporating intercultural considerations and linguistic accommodations into educational practices.

Yunyi provides educational consultation to recommend best practices in supporting students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds with academic success. Over the past few years she has been collaborating with colleagues across U of M campuses to initiate programs and projects that enhance the learning experience of the student groups.

Yunyi is actively involved in the Teaching and Learning Certificate (TLC) program for faculty members, and the Graduate Teaching Program (GTP) that focuses on teaching assistant training and development. She is also the coordinator and facilitator of the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), which is offered to sessional instructors twice per year during the Fall and Winter breaks.
Yunyi’s educational resource development initiatives include the following:


  • Supporting International Students: Improving Learning for All
  • Internationalization of the Curriculum
  • Supporting Diverse Learners
  • wiingashk: Sweet Grass – Braiding Ways into Inclusive Education

Intercultural Training Sessions

  • Building Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
  • Cross-cultural Competence in Dentistry/Dental Hygiene
  • Cultural Diversity in Pharmaceutical Care
  • Effective Communication for Nurse Practitioners

Other Resources

  • Identifying the Canadian Writing Culture Video Projects
  • Prepare to Teach International Students Webpage
  • Strategies to Teach International Students Webpage
  • Cultural Diversity in Academic Integrity Webpage
  • University of Manitoba Teaching Assistant Handbook


Yunyi moved to Canada from China to complete her master’s degree in education. She encountered unexpected obstacles while pursuing her degree and was inspired to delve into the reasons why academic learning is such a challenging task for students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

In her role as Educational Developer-Internationalization, Yunyi further identified with students’ challenges, i.e., communication apprehension, academic misconducts and conundrums in academic writing, and developed perspectives on what initiatives need to be implemented in teaching practices to help overcome the challenges.

Yunyi is genuinely empathic towards students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as she has experienced the obstructions that they are facing and therefore resonates with their struggles. She is committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and supportive environment at the U of M to empower the diverse student populations.


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