Mehdi Niknam

Senior Instructional Technology Specialist
Room 221, 65 Dafoe Road


Mehdi is a Senior Instructional Technology Specialist who specializes in the development of integrated solutions that support the teaching and learning mission of the university.

Mehdi provides consultation and advice on learning technologies that are evidence-based and pedagogically sound. Additionally, Mehdi facilitates technology workshops for The Centre and regularly teaches degree-credit courses in the Computer Science department and for the International College of Manitoba.


Mehdi moved to Canada in 2006. He is a dedicated and focused researcher and IT professional with over 10 years of industrial and academic research and development experience in e-Learning, Medical Imaging, and Natural Language Processing. Since 2011, he has worked as an Instructional Technology Specialist at the U of M, first for Extended Education and then for The Centre. In addition, Mehdi has taught various courses as a sessional instructor in the Computer Science department at the U of M since 2009 and for the International College of Manitoba since 2018.


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