Lorna Allard

Information Technologist
Room 224, 65 Dafoe Road


Lorna is the primary contact person for UM Learn, the university’s Learning Management System (LMS), and several LMS-integrated solutions including Respondus 4.0, a tool used for offline quiz creation, and Examity, the university’s online proctoring solution for flexible learning courses.

Additionally, Lorna regularly provides consultation and advice to faculty, staff and graduate students on the use of LMS tools and integrated solutions through one-on-one meetings and orientations to smaller departments/units.


Lorna has worked at the U of M for over 35 years, starting her career in Extended Education before transitioning to The Centre in 2016. Throughout her career, she has worked exclusively with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and has developed expertise in the area of learning technologies.

Lorna thoroughly enjoys seeing the strides and success that technology has made in teaching and learning.



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