Josiane Kroll

Learning Technology Trainer & Solutions Developer
Room 223A, 65 Dafoe Road


Josiane is The Centre’s Learning Technologies trainer and facilitates most of The Centre’s workshops on Cisco Webex, the university’s LMS-integrated videoconferencing solution, and iClicker, a classroom polling solution.

She also provides consultation and advice on the features and use of the learning technologies as well as consultation and development on new solutions that integrate with UM Learn, the university’s Learning Management System (LMS).

On occasion, Josiane teaches degree-credit courses in the Computer Science department and facilitates student orientations on the tools that students can expect to use in a degree-credit course or university program.


Josiane holds a PhD in Computer Science and has a strong aptitude for designing and developing software solutions. Prior to her role with The Centre, she worked in academic research and teaching where she specialized in software engineering that focused on improving the user experience and the adoption of new technologies.


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