Jonathan Dyck

Faculty Development Specialist
Room 309, 65 Dafoe Road


As a Faculty Development Specialist, Jonathan acts as first point of contact for faculty developing online and blended courses.  He determines the optimum professional development path and supports them during the first phase of development.  Jonathan also creates faculty development workshops and resources addressing online and blended learning.  As Centre liaison to the Faculty of Arts, he works closely with the Flexible Learning Lead supporting current programming and implementing new strategies to enhance flexible options for Arts students.


Jonathan began his academic career as a ‘regular’ faculty member of the Trinity College Dublin, specializing in ancient Judaism, its history and literature. Since then, he has worked in academic administration as Director, Associate Dean and Dean.  Since 2009, he has fulfilled various roles at the U of M, from Instructional Designer to Senior Instructional Designer to Director of Distance and Online Education.  He is currently a Faculty Development Specialist with The Centre, focusing in particular on supporting the flexible learning strategy of the Faculty of Arts.


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