About The Centre

The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is an academic support unit that provides leadership and expertise in furthering the mission of teaching and learning at the University of Manitoba. The Centre has six key areas of practice:

  • Faculty Development and Consultation
  • Curriculum Development and Renewal
  • Research, Evaluation and Innovation
  • Flexible Learning Course Development and Support
  • UM Learn and Solutions
  • Strategic Projects and Programming


Every teaching experience at the University of Manitoba is optimized for learning.


Provide leadership, expertise, and support for the teaching and learning mission of the University of Manitoba and to advance and advocate for the practice and scholarship of teaching in higher education.

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

The Centre is involved in many institution-wide strategic initiatives related to teaching and learning. These include policy creation, learning technologies, spaces research and development, teaching awards, our signature publication TeachingLIFE as well as academic integrity.

Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB

The Centre is a strategic partner of the Province of Manitoba’s Flexible Learning HUB, an initiative dedicated to advancing, with technology, teaching and learning at the post-secondary level through the offer of innovative course design for online education.


Staff Directory


Mark Torchia Headshot

Dr. Mark G. Torchia
Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), Executive Director

Erica Jung Headshot

Erica Jung
Associate Director

Michelle Sookbirsingh
Confidential Assistant to the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)

Strategic Initiatives

Erica Jung Headshot

Erica Jung
Team Lead

Guylaine Labossiere Headshot

Guylaine Labossière
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator

Brenda Stoesz Headshot

Brenda Stoesz
Faculty Specialist – Academic Integrity Initiative


The Operations Team is responsible for day-to-day support across The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.  The Operations Team addresses requests and concerns related to catering/workshop/event coordination, budget management, human resource management, payroll processing, building maintenance and project management.

Tamara Chelle Headshot

Tamara Chelle
Operations Manager

Susan Berngards
Office Assistant

Jennifer Clark Headshot

Jennifer Clark
Administrative Assistant

Anatoliy Furda
Project Manager

Debra Sinkarsin Headshot

Debra Sinksarsin
Office Assistant

Erin Thomas
Office Assistant (Student)

Research, Evaluation, and Innovation

The Research, Evaluation and Innovation works to fulfill The Centre’s mandate as it relates to research, program evaluation and quality assurance. The REI team supports inquiries into higher education teaching and learning and generates evidence to promote the design and delivery of high quality educational experiences.

Amy De Jaeger Headshot

Amy De Jaeger
Team Lead – Research, Evaluation and Innovation

Kayla Duna (On Leave)
Evaluation and Quality Assurance Designer

Ryan Los
Research Associate

Samantha McIvor
Evaluation Coordinator

Ba Pham
Research Associate

Wanda Snow Headshot

Wanda M. Snow
Research Associate

Brenda Stoesz Headshot

Brenda Stoesz
Faculty Specialist

Lori Wallace
Senior Scholar

Development and Consultation

The Development and Consultation Team provides support, to all teaching faculty, instructors and graduate students, in areas such as teaching consultations, classroom observations and  course/curriculum development, as well as through teaching workshops and certificate programs.

Colleen Webb Headshot

Colleen Webb
Team Lead – Development and Consultation

Yunyi Chen
Educational Developer – Internationalization

Cora Chojko-Bolec
Educational Developer

Jeri Ducharme
Indigenous Initiatives Educator

Jonathan Dyck
Faculty Development Specialist

Michael Feng
Graphic Designer

Leah Fontaine
Indigenous Initiatives Educator

Joanna Koulouriotis
Educational Developer

Alex Kozelko
Educational Developer

Cheikh Ould Moulaye
Faculty Development Specialist

Lynette Phyfe Headshot

Lynette D. Phyfe
Faculty Development Specialist

Jennifer Rausch
Senior Educational Developer

Flexible Learning

Improved learner outcomes from engaging, purposefully designed, flexible courses. If you want this for your students then the Flexible Learning Support team is your answer.

Our dedicated team of Instructional Designers, Digital Media Creators, Copyright and Quality Assurance Coordinators is here to support you in developing your next flexible course.

Jonathan Kennedy Headshot

Jonathan Kennedy
Team Lead – Flexible Learning

Laura Burke
Instructional Designer

Joeffer Domingo
Digital Media Specialist

Christopher Ellis
Web & Media Developer

Nancy Fischer
Exams Off Campus Coordinator

Joanne Laval
Senior Digital Media Specialist

Mona Maxwell
Senior Instructional Designer

Marisol Soto
Exams Off Campus Coordinator

Wendy Smiley
Program Coordinator

Nancy Wheeldon
Copyright & Material Coordinator

Learning Technologies and Solutions

Learning Technologies and Solutions team provides support and training for several supported solutions including UM Learn (University’s Learning Management System), iClicker (Classroom Polling), and Cisco Webex (videoconferencing solution).  Additionally, the team provides expertise and guidance in areas related to technology for teaching and learning including learning spaces design and software solutions development.

Sol Chu
Team Lead – Learning Technologies and Solutions

Lorna Allard
Information Technologist

Josiane Kroll
Learning Technology Trainer & Solutions Developer

Michelle Laarissa
Learning Management Systems Trainer

Brian McLean
System Administrator

Mehdi Niknam
Senior Instructional Technology Specialist

Glenn Watt
Instructional Technology Specialist


The Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB is a community of practice for advancing teaching and learning with technology, with representatives from all of Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions. The HUB staff is comprised of staff with expertise in instructional design and multi-media.

Alison Fung
Digital Media Specialist

Iwona Gniadek
Instructional Designer

Kristy Lacroix
Digital Media Specialist

Sasha White
Instructional Designer

Erin Thomas
Office Assistant (Student)


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